Regeneration Builds Resilience


About Soil First

The world's first global community for activist organizations and individuals committed to transforming the global food and agriculture sector into one that builds soil health as a foundational principle. We call this Regenerative Agriculture. The purpose of Soil First is to crowdsource solutions to the (often shared) challenges that we face in the agriculture and food sector.

To be a Innovator is to be a force for change — an innovator who finds no contentment in the status quo, and no greater thrill than making an impact that matters.

Bring your voice to the discussions that are driving regeneration forward. Be part of the transformation.

How It Works

Challenges are for taking action. They are what set Soil First apart from other content rich sites. You will encounter a series of Challenges sourced from the community and our Brand Partners and posted by the Soil First team. These Challenges will invariably ask you to submit your ideas, suggestions, innovations, experiences (via different media) in the context of real-life scenarios. The idea is to harness the power of the collective Soil First community to move the needle on important issues in agriculture and food production.

Submissions will be seeded back into the community, connections will be forged, collaboration will occur and transformation will result.

Activities are about rapid feedback. They take the form of polls, quizzes, questions and other quickfire engagements. We use them to arrive at consensus, set future themes, and give the community quick and easy ways to share thoughts and be heard.

Always a click away, Activities help us keep the site and it’s content on point.

Regenerative Community Cafe
The Regenerative Community Café is the place to go if you have a direct question or suggestion that you can’t find represented on the site. It’s a safe space where you can ask the community anything you’d like. From advice on issues you’re facing to feedback on decisions you have made. Crucially, it’s also a place where you can add value to your fellow Innovators by answering questions and entering into dialogue with people.

Soil First Blogs
There are three Soil First Blogs: Ag Blog, Ag Tech blog and Community News. In both the Ag blog and Ag Tech blog you’ll find stories, showcases and other content that serves as inspiration, gives context and dives into the nuance of our increasingly complex and challenging sector. It’s the place to keep up to date with what’s happening throughout the global Soil First network and will often reveal interesting insights into the live Challenges. The Community News blog is a place to find specific content about what is happening in the Soil First community and how to participate as part of the Core Backbone team.

As with any good blog you’ll also be able to comment on featured content and continue the conversation beyond the initial post.

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