Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg)

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OpenAg's greatest strength is our curious, kind, inclusive, and open community. Since we released the specs and the code for the original prototype OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer on GitHub, makers, coders, and farmers from around the world have been hard at work.

There are currently over 2,350 community members located in 65 countries around the world.

Connecting with the OpenAg Community

Find out where folks are building Food Computers, who's using Food Computers in education, or tell us where you're building yours!

  • Visit our Community Forum to ask questions, share helpful information and new modifications, and engage in productive discussions about Food Computer technologies.  
  • Check out our Wiki and GitHub for the in-depth summaries, instructions, software,  specs, and manuals to build Food Computers.
  • The OpenAg Newsletter keeps you up to date on our latest research, straight from Caleb and the team at OpenAg. 
  • There are several ways to ask the OpenAg team questions, follow along with our research, and contribute to our  work  here at the MIT Media Lab.  You can always get (and share!) news about OpenAg on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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